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'You're slim, why do you run?'

'You're slim, why do you run?'

A question I was asked as I was literally feeling the bliss of smashing through my personal best for 5K, I was somewhat taken back by the question as I live in what seems to be a completely different universe to everyone else, Im often confused by peoples shear obsession with medias perception of beauty haha, so me in my complete euphoric and delirious state answered as I normally do though perhaps more abruptly 'I run for my brain not my bum, I don't care about the size of my ass' because honestly its true, I give no shits about what size I am, I run for my mental and physically health! I am so tired of this ridiculous obsession with the size of someones ass, surely its whats between their ears that really matters, RIGHT!

I love my body, I love my giggles, my wiggles, my dimples, my scares, my stretch marks, and my mum tum haha  all the bits that make my body mine and not just that, this is the body that lets me see the world, its not a house or a car theres no upgrading or selling or whatever, I only get ONE and its mine and its glorious haha

Running has done so much more than help me breathe, its improved my mental health and is making so much more than just my body strong, at times I feel unstoppable. 

Running, swimming, rowing, whatever it is you may do to get your body moving DO IT! and share it, share not what it does for your waist line but what it does for your mind, lets smash this view of what exercise is and start loving ourselves, ALL of ourselves.

If in doubt... Run it out

It works!

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