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Wet setting Part 2 - Harry Potter 1940s Brush Out

brush out OOTD wetset

Its time to brush out

Video tutorial Click here

I don’t actually brush a lot for this style which you will see

Stuff I use…

  • Denman Brush
  • Teasing Brush
  • Pomade styling cream
  • Firm hold hairspray
  • Flat clips

Lets get started….

Start by removing your pillow curls, take your time and try not to split the curl up or pull on it to much

You should now look like Shirley Temple hahahaha

Next you want to start from your part and gently brush until you find the groove of your first curl (see picture) once you find this get your flat clips and clip this down

Work on smoothing out the top of your hair (not your bangs) I use pomade to control fly aways and smooth out

Once you are happy with this you can move onto your bangs


you can start with a plan but really you are after some kind of elegant curl of wave, go with your hair

backcomb from the base of each section then brush the bangs together, the video tutorial will help you with this as its difficult to explain

I pin my left side down smoothly

Now for the fun part..

Take each of the curls from your hair with you fingers and hold onto a few strands and push the curl up

Just keep pushing

If your curl is falling gentle spray with hair spray and continue pushing the curls up

And thats it, easiest style ever :)

Blast that baby with a few coat of spray and dance the night away

Check out my full tutorial on YouTube by Clicking here

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