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The Easy 5 Minute Chignon

Bangs Bump Chignon Easy Chignon Hair Hair Padding Hair scarf

Its easy, trust me but you will need a few things to do this easy version: Brush, 2 hair ties, 2 small elastics, rectangle hair padding, 8 bobby pins, something to hold your bangs and a backcombing brush/comb/anything you can find really. Following is a step by step guide, or scroll to the bottom for the video. Now lets fix this! Start by sectioning a big V in your bangs, this will give you your 'bump'. Clip it off and brush your hair into a high pony tail and secure, you want this to look neat and clean. Back comb your bangs, I do mine in 3 sections (Please let me know if you would like me to explain back combing as it is very different from teasing). Bring your bangs back and brush the outside lightly, we don't want to loose volume (I have a sped up video below if this doesn't make sense), twist once and put a pin in where your finger is holding your bangs (that's the secret to bobby pins, if your fingertip can hold it then a strong pin can too, place it right where you finger is). Flip you bang end over and add it to your pony with another elastic. Take a small plastic band and put a pin in each side, this will give your hair that rounded look, place as per the picture below. Place your hair padding over your hair tie and pin on all 4 corners (always place your pins against the way your hair is going). While holding you hair forward put a small band around the ends of you hair, see picture below. Take that end and tuck it under your hair padding, place your last pin through you're tiny rubber and secure your hair end under the hair padding. Now take your TIME and spread your hair over the hair padding (at the end we can spray and tuck bits under to give that clean look). And you are done!! I wrapped a hair scarf around but you can add flowers to the back, sides haha your creative flair can shine.

Five Minute Chignon Video

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    Love it darling!!

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