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Splendette, lets make some sweet stacks!!

This blog is basically a little cheer and shout out to Splendette, if you don't own any of these amazing creations theres no time like the present but the question is with so many lovely things where do you start your collection??
As you all know I have many colours in my wardrobe, this is awesome but also a bit poo when buying accessories to go with but I think Ive cracked it. 
To start I have ordered my base stack, black, cream and clear which I must add are absolutely awesome in their own right but with these 6 I can buy 1 or 2 of other colours to add and create a stack tailored to that specific outfit without breaking the bank.
My base purchase...
As halloween is fast approaching and I will be adding these lovelies to my wardrobe have expanded my base my adding 2 green, 2 purple and 2 amber thus being able to create a Splendette stack to go with absolutely any October outfit I pull from my closet. 
Thinking ahead to christmas I will be purchasing 1 large gold as I have green and amber from halloween :)
There are a few others I cant wait to own but thats only because I love them all but as you can see with a bit of forward planning you can have something to go with everything. One of the most amazing things I've found about this company is they stock 3 different sizes, so if you have tiny baby hands like myself you can wear them without looking well... some what special hahahaha
I would love to see what you create so please tag me on instagram if I've inspired you or send me a picture.
Happy Stacking Dolls!!

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