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Shape wear and waist trainers


I feel like everyone I know is looking for that perfect date night dress but once they find it they then ask about shape wear... How to get that tiny waist and everything looking smooth I have used shape wear in the past, spanxs and other cheaper brands. I find these body suits do the job but they also tend to push things where they shouldn't be and I personally end up with an undesirable result haha I have since moved onto waist trainers and what I call stripper stockings haha (the thick shaping stockings), waist trainers are thicker and give a much smoother result (the one I love is latex and firm), they also perfectly pull in your waist to give that amazing hour glass figure, waist trainers take some getting used to but they are worth the effort. These are the 2 I own and I'm extremely happy with them, I don't wear them to the point where they are uncomfortable, I'm looking to smooth out my midsection especially when I'm wearing a wiggle Hope this was helpful ladies 💋

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