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Vintage, Retro and Pinup Fashion
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Preparing for Winter

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This is my first London winter and as I only own 1 pair of jeans I am going to have to winter my wardrobe There are a few basic things you will need to take your stunning vintage look into winter Leggings! they are amazing and keep you so warm, they don't have to be expensive mine are basic black 99% of the time and 500dpi which means WARM. The ones I wear are from amazon, I have had to stitch a seam or 2 back together but its definitely been worth it as they are toasty Gloves :) I found mine on a street in London, my advice for gloves is match your coat, they bring everything together Boots haha mine are also from Amazon, I am upgrade to a stunning pair I have my eye on from Bait footwear (I'll do a post on these once they arrive) but these do the job for now and only 20 quid so well worth it (do size down in these if you want to wear without leggings and socks) I wear mine with leggings and socks even though they are lined inside cause I get cold AF! They could do with a clean 😂 I'm a mum so I spend most of my time at the park lol Cardigans, I love my cardigans, there are so many out there to choose from its insane, I will pop a post up including all of mine but basic black, red, and white will be your go to's, these also dont have to be pricey at all. Coat! Invest in an amazing coat!  This is where most people tend to go for the cheaper option but do try to resist as this coat is essentially your winter outfit. It maybe the only thing people see if you dont get a chance to go inside. Mine is from Collectif clothing, it took me a good week to take the dive as it wasnt cheap but its by far the best investment I have made to my wardrobe! 

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