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Bun Chignon Hair Hair flower OOTD Pump Wave

OOTD or Outfit Of The Day :)


The figure hugging booty loving Jayne dress in baby blue from Pinup Girl Clothing, this is very much a sexy night time dress so I paired it with a white Mak cardigan and white belt, my hair is done in a chignon with a scarf wrapped around to give it that 50s house wife feel and a quick waved bang to top it off.


Its time to clean and do the wifely thing haha Pants! I'm not a fan of pants but these are amazing. The high waisted denim capris are made to be comfortable, with the zip in the back to bring everything in smoothly to an elastic backed waist. I have NEVER purchased a pair of pants and not had to alter the waist after finding the ones that fit my booty. Topped with a Disney tattoos T and cardigan cause I get cold haha. Popped my hair back with a bandanna and I am ready to clean!


Because every girl deserves to feel like a princess! The is the classic Aurora Castles dress in blue from Pinup Girl Clothing and it is so comfortable! I wear this dress all day with no troubles at all and love it. I topped this with a black short sleeved cardigan to give it a skirt feel and a black 2" belt. My hair is up win a massive bun with a 50s wave and DIY hair flower.


This dress has been a favorite of mine for quite sometime, the June dress in Squirrels print from Pinup Girl Clothing. As it is super cold outside I have paired this summer dress with thermal leggings, a black long sleeved cardigan and a black 2" belt, the shoes are from Payless in Seattle and they are honestly the most comfortable pair of Mary Janes ever! My hair is done in a chignon with a pump and the front and a hair flower from Claire's. I will definitely do a hair post as these dos take less than 5 mins.


This stunning dress was gifted to me by the amazing Foxy Goodies company, honestly its so super cute! The design is featuring the one and only Frida Kahlo, this dress fir true to size for me and was so comfortable, the fabric in the skirt goes for days. I paired it with a red cardigan, petticoat and bandanna, it has all the rockabilly glory going on.

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  • Tara-ann Nash on

    I have just put a blog up about hair padding and you can find all the hair flowers I wear on the sale page of this blog.
    Thank you for writing this :) Everyone still looks at me funny hahaha but thats just because Im different, people get used to you and start to appreciate what you do others wont haha but stuff them lol, its not about anyone else except you!
    Just go be the best, biggest, loudest version of you you can be, its all just a bit of fun so go and play

  • Sofia Rockwood on

    Hello Tara ;)

    Thanks for everything you do. For tour posts , tutorials, fashion tips. I Love to dress up with the pin up style. But I’m just starting and I still feel like everyone is looking “weird” at me, lol! Specially since I live in a small , countryside town. I go with 1 or 2 vintage items or accessories, and I mix them with “modern” Pieces.

    BUT in the summer, it’s much easier to wear dresses/flowers/skirts.

    I live in Illinois where the winters are extreme. So, I use vintage style coats , berets, flannel / tartan skirts, (with 3 panty hoses because is cold) lol, etc.

    So, I want to thank you for inspiring us!!!!

    I can’t wait to dress up again! Everyday is a special ocassion ♡♡♡

    I love your posts

    I have 2 questions:

    1) Where can I buy online the hairpiece that looks like a curly chignon?

    2) where can I find your hair flowers to buy?

    Thank you so much and YOU ARE AMAZING!!

    Sofia, from Paraguay , Southamerica. Living in Dixon , Illinois ♡

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