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Hair padding and Hair Pieces

1920s low roll Bangs beehive Bun Chignon donut Hair Hair Padding low rolls poodle hair Poodle hair piece sausage hair padding victory rolls

Hello Lovelies, As you know I am a mother of 2 crazy children so I have limited time to get ready in the morning, this has made me a huge fan of all things hack like when it comes to hair and makeup, I'm going to share a few with you today. Hair Padding... though there are many pinup women out there that say using hair padding is 'cheating' I say whatever! women have been thinking up ways to get 'that look' faster since the dawn of time, if its there and it works, Im all for it Large rectangle hair padding piece - There are many out there that will do the job and they variy in price and size so be prepared to try one or two. Mine measures 20cm by 10cm, my hair is quite long so I need the large. I have a Chignon tutorial up here on how to use it. Sausage hair padding - Theres a few different ways to use this piece, I have a tutorial up here on how to create a, easy 1920s low roll, this hair do is super easy and fantastic for naturally curly or wavy hair. Once again these pieces do vary in size depending on the length of your hair but a 15-20cm sausage will do the job. You can buy these at many different places online, you can also buy similar ones from places like Clairs and other cheaper outlets. Below is one of each, I suggest beginning with the head band one as it helps you place it, you can find more details on this when you go through to that tutorial. The donut - The donut can be found pretty much anywhere, from your local grocery store to poundland, anywhere that sells your basic hair needs. The donut is classically used as a large bun but its really only limited to your imagination, you can cut them to help form anything from low rolls, bangs and even helping you to form a fuller victory rolls, I have also used them to help form a beehive in a hurry. I will put all these styles up online for you to follow step by step very soon. Poodle Hair Piece - My new favorite thing and I honestly believe everyone NEEDS to own one of these, I have placed a tutorial up on how I have used it but basically you squish you hair into a tiny bun and place the hair piece over the top, literally the fastest and easiest way to get to fabulous. You can buy these from many places, I have Clip in Hair bun on ebay, they are also available from many other sites by searching clip in hair bun.

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