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Get fit or Die Trying

I am definitely not one for a health kick or food fad (I love food!!!) but I did recently have a big birthday and it was ever so unpleasantly pointed out to me that Im not the fittest mum at school drop off, keeping in mind it is not my goal to live in active wear and count calories ether so I am attempting to work out a happy medium, after all I am a 30 year old hot mess with 2 kiddos to look after hahaha 
Being me I started where I start everything hahaha thats right clothing... I wasn't about to go for a jog in a full petticoat and heals, prepare yourself people, thats right Active Wear. Having absolutely no idea what so ever on where to start this search I asked and friend and was off and buying. I logged onto Fabletics and purchased 2 outfits, feeling totally naked (even though I was covered ) I was all set to start whatever this was going to be hahaha
Ive started Couch to 5K, the app is free to download and actually quite achievable, especially if your catch fraise when it come to running is 'don't' haha this is a good place to start. Im also doing PT 3 times a week, I know what you're thinking but its strength training, that hour glass figure wont build itself. I am now one week in and don't worry I will be sharing my results with you all, I have also purchased a fitbit and am currently a fan of the good old weekly step challenge I would love you to come along with me on this effort to get fit or die trying. 

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