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Caring for your clothing


I get asked about this so frequently that I thought I would do a post Dont be scared to wash your clothing, you can use your machine for most items, there are simply a few basic rules to remember to keep your clothing looking and feeling amazing.
  • Always wash in cold water, I cant stress this enough
  • Use vinegar with each wash, this will keep your colours from bleeding and keep them vibrant
  • Gentle spin cycle
  • Don't hang your clothing in the sun to dry, this will create massive fade very quickly, hang inside to dry if you can, if not dry in the shade and turn your clothing inside out facing the back of the item towards to most sun (this will keep fade down considerably)
  • Always wash your items separately!! I cant stress this enough
I have spilt many a glass of red wine down the front of my dresses and if you act quickly you will be fine
  • You need to soak in plenty of clean water ASAP! Do not let the stain dry, once it has dried soaking will still be effective though you will have a ring around the mark and also discolouration
  • When you put in your machine to wash follow the instructions above except put 3/4 cup of bicarb soda in with the wash, this is your best chance of removing the stain
Heat, sunlight and harsh detergents are the enemies of fabric when washing and caring for your clothing

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