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Vintage, Retro and Pinup Fashion
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1920s Low Roll

Hair Hair flower Hair Padding OOTD sausage hair padding

This is a very quick hair style, its suppose to be free and messy so its amazing for those days your hair just will not behave, Video at the bottom Your will need sausage hair padding to do this style with me, please refer to my hair padding blog post for where to get it. Start by placing the padding around your head like a headband and secure with a few bobby pins (this will feel loose and not very secure at all, do worry) Next you just start madly tucking and working the hair around the hair piece, leave your bangs out Once its all tucked away begin taking your hair in sections, starting with the sections closest to the back and loosely tuck into your do.. Do this for both sides Finish with a hair flower or bow (this will help neaten up those bumpy parts) Video <3 ​

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